Select from MySql to Clickhouse

3 min readAug 8, 2022

The ClickHouse JDBC Bridge allows ClickHouse to access data from any external data source for which a JDBC driver is available.

  • You can use the ClickHouse JDBC Bridge for both reads and writes.
  • You can use in parallel for multiple external data sources.
  • You can run distributed queries on ClickHouse across multiple external and internal data sources in real time.


You have access to a machine that has:

  1. a Unix shell and internet access
  2. wget installed
  3. a current version of Java (e.g. OpenJDK Version >= 17) installed
  4. a current version of MySQL (e.g. MySQL Version >=8) installed and running
  5. a current version of ClickHouse installed and running

Configure MySQL

First of all, we need a table with some datas and user with enough privileges in MySql. That is why we are going to create database and table and user, respectively.

el2@m:$ sudo mysql# Create a database in MySQL
# Create a table
mysql> CREATE TABLE db1.table1 (
id INT,
column1 VARCHAR(255)
# Insert sample rows
mysql> INSERT INTO db1.table1
(id, column1)
(1, 'abc'),
(2, 'def'),
(3, 'ghi');
# Create a user to connect from ClickHouse
mysql> CREATE USER 'mysql_clickhouse'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'Password123!';
# Grant privileges as needed. (For demonstration purposes, the mysql_clickhouse user is granted admin prvileges.)
mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'mysql_clickhouse'@'%';

Configure ClickHouse JDBC Bridge

Create a local folder where we will later install the ClickHouse JDBC Bridge into (feel free to name the folder anything you like and put it anywhere you like):

el2@m:$ mkdir ~/clickhouse-jdbc-bridge
el2@m:$ cd ~/clickhouse-jdbc-bridge
# Now we download the current version of the ClickHouse JDBC Bridge into that folder:
el2@m:$ wget

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